About DairyBio


The DairyBio initiative will deliver large-scale improvements in the performance of pastures and herds through the application of bioscience.

Bioscience involves the use of modern tools to study biology on an industrial scale, and DairyBio will use these approaches to create practical outcomes for the Australian dairy industry.

The impact of the work of DairyBio that will be delivered through new pasture varieties and cattle genetics will increase pasture productivity by $800/Ha/year and herd productivity by $350/cow/year.


Headline Outcomes

  • A turnkey solution for hybrid breeding of perennial ryegrass. This approach will combine three elements: advanced phenomics (i.e. performance measurement) with genomic selection and a novel method to produce commercial quantities of hybrid seeds.
  • New applications of genome editing that improve feed quality and persistence of perennial pastures.
  • New breeding tools for short term ryegrass and tall fescue that enable the use of hybrid breeding and other breeding methods.
  • Further acceleration of progress in herd improvement through improved reliability and robustness of genomic selection.
  • Improvement of current cattle genetic evaluation services.
  • Delivery of new traits related to health and resilience of cattle.
  • Training of 25 postgraduate students in dairy bioscience.


Continuation of activities from Dairy Futures CRC

These outcomes will continue the development of key innovations from Dairy Futures CRC and deliver improvements to the dairy industry on an annual cycle. The work program extensively uses new science methods, such as studies of gene expression in cattle, the first use of genome editing in pasture breeding and wide-ranging use of phenomics in the measurement of pasture performance.

Farmers routinely purchase pasture seed to renovate their land and routinely purchase cattle semen to impregnate cows. These familiar practices will not change and this means that adoption of these innovations at farm level will be straight forward.

Significant changes are underway to the breeding programs that create elite pasture and elite herds so as to maximise the impact of new innovations. Partnerships with industry are critically important, and result in co-investment and provision of critical inputs into the research programs, such as elite lines of germplasm, national herd improvement data, and commercial expertise.

For more information on Dairy Futures CRC, which operated from 2010 to 2016, please follow the link to their website: www.dairyfuturescrc.com.au


Key facts about DairyBio

  • DairyBio is a five-year commitment, from July 2016 to June 2021.
  • DairyBio’s legal structure is based on a joint venture agreement between the Victorian Government and Dairy Australia.
  • A Board will govern the initiative, and two Co-Directors, appointed by the government and Dairy Australia, will manage the initiative.
  • DairyBio will be based at the AgriBio facility at Bundoora, Victoria and will also partner with research facilities at Hamilton and Ellinbank.
  • DairyBio will continue important global collaborations, such as a global bull genomes project.
  • DairyBio will be able to demonstrate the improvement of pasture performance through the use of a new Forage Value Index.
  • DairyBio will be closely connected to all industry initiatives in herd improvement, including genetic evaluation and data recording.