DairyBio and the Australian Dairy Industry Innovation Framework

About DairyBio

Dairy Australia is one of a network of industry partners who invest in dairy research and innovation to deliver transformational herd and forage productivity gains for Australian dairy farmers. Dairy Australia invests in two main research and innovation programs – DairyBio and DairyFeedbase. These programs are joint ventures with Agriculture Victoria and the Gardiner Dairy Foundation. A relatively small amount of levy money investment (15% of the total of these programs) has attracted a significant amount of additional funding from Agriculture Victoria and the Gardiner Dairy Foundation.

Launched in 2016 the DairyBio program is based at the AgriBio facility at Bundoora on the outskirts of Melbourne, DairyBio’s team of research scientists are focused on delivering farmer benefits through the use of bioscience to drive genetic gain – in both animal and forage – and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry. DairyBio includes research and International collaborations with Universities, industry and farmer organisations.

To enable the DairyBio programs to get the innovation to farm they partner with organisations such as DataGene, BarenBrug Agriseeds and other investors. The money that is generated from these collaborations helps to fund on-going DairyBio research.

DairyBio forages is focused on developing and delivering high yielding, highly palatable and highly persistent pastures. This innovation will enable improved pasture utilisation on farm – including increased availability and intake for grazing animals – driving improved animal productivity and farm profitability. DairyBio Forage research has the potential to increase on farm income extra by $800 per hectare.

The DairyBio animal program is focused on delivering improved animal genetics, new improved traits, lower animal health costs and improved reliability and confidence in ABV’s. The DairyBio Animal Program research has the potential to increase on farm income by $350/cow/year.