Dr Noel Cogan – DairyBio Forage Program Leader

About DairyBio

Dr Noel Cogan is the Molecular Genetics Research Leader for Agriculture Victoria with a joint appointment to La Trobe University’s School of Applied Systems Biology. Noel has worked as a Senior Research Scientist for over fifteen years leading a team involved with the development of advanced genomics and high-throughput molecular markers tools as well as the development of protocols for advanced phenotypic analysis in both field and glasshouse evaluation.

Noel’s work as a DairyBio program leader involves developing world leading technologies for pasture grass breeding for the benefit of the Victorian Dairy Industry. Projects range across innovative F1 Hybrid breeding as well as genomic selection, transgene deregulation as well as extending project technology into a broader range of pasture species.

Noel received his PhD in the UK in 2001 in crop plant genetics. Since migrating to Australia in 2002 he has been working on developing genomic technologies that can assist with commercial outputs to assist and enable plant breeding companies.

Noel has co-authored 95 peer reviewed journal articles and 11 patents. Noel has presented at national and international conferences such as the Plant and Animal Genome Conference, the Molecular Breeding of Forage and Turf, the International Forage and Turf Breeding Conference, the NSW Grasslands conference, the South Australian Grasslands conference and others.