Dairy Innovation News October 2020 Edition

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October 2020 edition 

  • Milk mid-infrared spectroscopy (MIR) for management and genetics
  • Future forages for warmer and changing climate
  • Genetic improvement: Driving productivity
  • Meet the researchers: Dr Marlie Wright and Dr Meaghan Douglas


“Ask the Researcher” MIR Prediction Technology – 12.30pm on 21st October 2020

Watch Murray Dairy extension officer Ross Read and Agriculture Victoria research scientists Dr Jo Newton and Dr Phuong Ho to hear more about the application of MIR technology on-farm

  • MIR prediction of fertility: Research to identify cows that rank low and high for fertility.
  • MIR prediction of blood metabolic profiles: Research estimating the genetic parameters of metabolic disease and enable subsequent genomic prediction.
  • MIR detection of pregnancy status: Post 150-day insemination found to be reliable
  • MIR mapping of genes affecting milk composition: ongoing research with a larger dataset.
  • MIR prediction of lameness: A practical application of the technology for on-farm prediction of lameness is difficult as lameness is subject to environmental conditions

“Ask the Researcher” Future Forages – 12.30pm on 11th November

Watch Gipps Dairy extension officer Karen Romano and Professor Kevin Smith to hear more about future forages modelling and the implications for research and on-farm activities

  • Modelling shows a substantial drop in profitability from a changing climate
  • Current locations of breeding and testing sites for pastures are inadequate
  • New forage species and traits will become more important over time
  • A warmer, drier climate with more extreme weather events will adversely affect nutrition and persistence of current forage

“Ask the Researcher” Genetic Improvement – 12.30pm on 2nd December 2020

Watch WestVic Dairy extension officer Debbie Twiss and Agriculture Victoria research scientist Professor Jennie Pryce to hear more about genetic improvement, the NBO and ABVs at the Genetic improvement virtual forum

  • Genetic gain has doubled in sires since 2010
  • DairyBio drives innovation through improving and developing new ABVs, that are adopted into DataGene’s BPI and HWI
  • A BPI of 300 means that the animal is $300 more profitable than the average
  • Increases in reliability are valued at $27 per cow per year
  • The new National Breeding Objectives will be released in early December